Apr 18, 2016


Sound Kitchen III at the Gaîté lyrique, Wednesday 20 April, featuring the installation Adagio sans quatuor

Sound Kitchen III at the Gaîté lyrique, Wednesday 20 April, featuring soloists of the Ensemble InterContemporain and Christelle Séry performing my menus morceaux par un autre moi réunis as well as works by Matthew Barnson and Karim Haddad. It will also feature my kinetic installation Adagio sans quatuor.

Reservations to visit the installation for free before the concert, starting at 4PM, can be made by contacting the Gaîté lyrique at this address: publics@gaite-lyrique.net

Feb 28, 2016

Electronics performances in March

Delighted to be playing electronics with Richard Craig again over the next week, including a fantastic piece by Diana Soh at Huddersfield and a classic by Nono at INTER/actions

Feb 20, 2016

Sound Kitchen II, avec les solistes de l'Ensemble InterContemporain à la Gaîté lyrique

20 février, 18h: la deuxième Sound Kitchen à la Gaîté Lyrique

Sound Kitchen n°2 : Corporel

Avec Patricia Alessandrini, compositrice  
Clément Lebrun, médiateur
Solistes de l’Ensemble intercontemporain

16H-17H30 : atelier "Court-circuit"

18H : concert 

Bodied Chambers
pour violoncelle
Soliloque II
pour clarinette
Trio (d'après Schönberg)
pour clarinette, violoncelle, piano

pour un percussionniste et son corps

Luciano BERIO
Sequenza XIV 
pour violoncelle 

Coproduction Ensemble intercontemporain / Gaîté lyrique

Entrée libre

Jan 2, 2016

Artist Residency in Madeira

Spending the beginning of the year 2016 as an invited artist of the Estalagem da Ponta do Sol Residency for Contemporary Music and Electronics, alongside Katherine Betteridge, Richard Craig, Karin Hellqvist, Gilbert Nouno, and other resident performers, composers, and sonic artists. Concerts and other public events starting on Friday 8 January at the Centro Cultural John dos Passos.